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May 5, 2012
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25 Essential Expressions MEME-Kristen Stewart by MissHermionee 25 Essential Expressions MEME-Kristen Stewart by MissHermionee
When I saw this meme... I just HAD to... And, yeah... I know there is like thousands of jokes like this... But this is also one of these jokes which always make you laugh...

So however... Haters gonna hate... Or more correct: Twihards gonna hate...


Original meme: [link]

The picture of Kristen is from: WTF, I dunno... Google... <-<
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ShadowAngel3 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahahaha! This is really accurate, I must say.
kaileyrox Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012
Haha, this is on yahoo news xD
KuroWolfCatChibi Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Can i say one thing?
Yeah, i am part brittish, and you said that britts have 'no education or common sense, or talent of any kind.'
I mean, don't you have anything better to do, than humiliate britts? Well, opinions are opinions. You hate brittain, and that's you opinion. But, jeez, can't you keep it for yourself? I don't think that's so difficult.
You know Isaac Newton, don't you? Didn't he had a kinda good education? He found out the attractiveness!! That would just a genious do! And he was brittish. Was he stupid? NO! At least i don't think so.
And Emma Watson, you say that she's a turk. Oh man, are you just playing stupid, or are you serious? HOW does the look like a turk. I like Emma Watson, but if i didn't like her, i would say that she looks like a romanian, just like you.
Please go and get a life.
Thanks for my words.
dark-blood-rayne Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
Emma Watson is just a Semite or Mulatto, by skin color. Romanians are actual pale, because of european ancestry. If you see anyone in romania that looks like Emma, those are Muslims or Turks or Huns and other Asians or Non-Whites.

Emma is a nigger compared to white romanians such as myself, who are pureblood europeans. Don't compare some negroid on a filthy depraved island of the Atlantic, that was once part of the Moorish Empire and Caliphate of North Afrika, to white races on continental (real) Europe.

Typical britt running your useless mouth, instead of doing something intelligent or productive. I pity how subhuman you are that you don't even see it. You have Untermensch goggles blinding your already poor eye sight and inferior genes.

Isaak was nothing more than a commoner, a Plebe who copied some worthless theory which completely false. Gravity does not exist, and I can prove this to you in at least a dozen ways. In your "own" country here, to also humiliate your "proud" british ancestry. So you may witness true White Intelligence of continental Europe.

To "find out" is not the same as explain or attempt to formulate a theory seeking to create a fictional constant that is to be used in fictional calculation in physics and other "fields" of Pseudoscience. Creating constants is easy. Even that dumb Subhuman, "One Stone Albertikus" was able to create the Speed of Light Constant which was recently broken in Europe. Most "scientists" refused to accept that the light waves they were measuring, travelled faster than the speed of light, thus disproving every single piece of shit excremented from that imbecile's mouth. And humiliated feeble westerners with your blind worship of "constants". Which by the way is a word named after "Konstantine the Great" of Tsarigrad, east roman empire. And meant something different than the smut your kind peddles.

No, Newton did not have any "good education", that's just another urban myth supported by idiots fed propaganda / manure by the English Pirates.

Yes, I am Sirius. Why would I be stupid, when I'm actually White, unlike you or Emma? Just because you're a mixbreed Meltische semite, doesn't mean you can insult the intelligence quotient of a Superior White. Be careful brit, one more insult and I will throw you so far into the Black Sea, you will have to swim back to Britain for your life.

You cannot possibly lecture me in my own native country. You filthy Crossbred Ape. If you truly were of the pure blooded british races originally from Europe, you would not have to attack my intelligence, just because you come from Pirate Land, and are a victim of their rape and infiltration agencies which breds agents and spies like you generation after generation, like fresh bread. But your training is utterly inferior to mine, an Arian of Europe.

She has the Asian nose, very tiny and concave, just like all the asians do, even mongols have this tiny nose jutting forward like a snow sloap. Their noses are joint to their foreheads, like hebrews and other non-europeans, whereas white races have a separation between the forehead and nose, and a different angle too. Blonde hair means Hun Turks, who were found in China, described by the chinese (also central turks) as blonde with blue or green eyes, and they were driven by the other turkish breeds of Asia into invading europe. This is where Attila the blonde hun turk enters. Blondes are only good for stealing, raping, murdering, just like Attila the Hun did when invaded Europe. Fortunately the Gothic and Roman tribes showed you your place as non-whites and defeating you, exiled you north of their lands into the northern parts of europe. To mix with other mongoloids and turks of non-white descent.

She has a weak chin, I believe. I honestly didn't look at her intently to question her race, since it's obvious she's not white. Romanian women are actually pale, thank you very much. Not niggers or Moors like Emma Watson. Bleach!

Also she has gorilla nostrils. Those are very creepy and hint at Eskimo genes as well. But mostly she resembles the Hun Turks (blonde mongoloids and turanids from Asia).

Genius? It seems like Britain is under the impression it exports geniuses. You do not. A pirate is a pirate, and most of you are pirates. Few were good people from White Europe, and sadly they're a minority now. Britain may have had a white majority like few centuries ago, during it's golden age perhaps. And a bit before that as well.

Just like me? You don't even know how I look, you imbecile. Why do you think that Emma would ever have white skin like mine? Have you looked at how Asian she looks? Tiny beady eyes like the turks or mongoloid tribes. She is definately not no "White European" by absolutely any definition of Racial Biology. The girls in romania who look like her are not even ethnic romanians. They trace their families to either new immigrants from other countries with less relative independence, or from empires full of anti-european sentiment and anti-white racism. Such as ottomans, tatars, poland and otherwise.

If you "didn't like her" you would say that she looks like me? What does that even mean? Do explain yourself, since that makes little to no sense.

Also, why is it you don't see me running to invade Britain, and teaching the british of how great my nation's culture is? Because you're a stupid colonial punk from the Isles. And thus forget your place at the foot of White Europe and continental nations of where you currently invade or seek to "educate".

Grow up, you little poseur. You can't honestly expect me to take your arguments Siriusly, they are not even based in any logic or foundation of credibility. If you seek to convince me of something, do it properly, with Reason. Isn't that what the British claim they always do? Well, have at it then. Reason your way out of this inexpugnable prison of Reality you shut your eyes against.
MissHermionee Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
Finally someone who agree with me.
KuroWolfCatChibi Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yup! Indeed~
dark-blood-rayne Featured By Owner May 6, 2012
Doesn't anyone get it? She doesn't have to be "expressive", she plays a 16 year old girl ! And teenage girls have the emotional range of below zero.

What she has to portray in her role as an actress is "Depth". And her facial expression is Deep.

I mean how many young girls do you know who can pull off more than one facial expression? They're all typical, or have no character flexibility. That's what makes them real people, and Kristen's role very realistic and flawless.
MissHermionee Featured By Owner May 7, 2012
I don't have anything particular against Kristen Stewart, and I don't want anyone to get hurt by this. It's just that this is one of those "viral jokes", just like the Sirius Black jokes. And the fact that I dislike Twilight. (Yes, I have read all the books and watched all the movies, so I know what I'm talking about.)
And... Well... I am a teenage girl and I DO have more than one facial expression. And so do my friends. Since no one of us are "typical" or "have no character flexibility" so we're obviously not real people. Thanks so much.

For your information: I was NOT serious when I did this. I know she can pull off more expressions. And... well... I don't think Kristen is very "deep". I know some way more "deep" actresses. If that's what your looking for.
dark-blood-rayne Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
Sirius Black jokes? What jokes, I never heard of them?

I've never read even one word in the books, or seen all the movies. Just the first three. I definately like the music, but I don't think the "acting" of Kristen or uhhh the actor who plays Edward, is "bad". I think it's normal acting.

What exactly do you dislike about Twilight? I'm curious because I was myself disturbed of several things (flirty werewolf, love struck immortal monsters). Usually I avoid those "neck'romancey" aspects in every single movie or even book.

Yeah, they may look or "feel" like more than one facial expression. But to any viewer, you could look exactly like Kristen in those images. It's all perspective, really.

Well real people are very rare, don't take it personally. I myself am a hallucination, from those LSD cupcakes you had earlier. Naughty, naughty!

PS: If you don't wake up from this dream soon, you'll die.
PPS: Yes, I did just refer to myself as "The Dream". I'm lame that way.

What kind of actresses are you reffering to? It better not be "Deep with Sky Lopez" or any such "orn ctress" type. That's not deep, sorry.

Are you saying like Jayma Mays deep?
MissHermionee Featured By Owner May 8, 2012
You know Harry Potter's godfather. His name is Sirius Black. And there is a lot, I mean: A LOT, of jokes around that. [link]

I think Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's acting (in Twilight) is something between "normal" and "bad". The thing is that I know they can do much better.

I dislike twilight because of several different reasons. The three most important ar:
First, the books are written as if a 12 year old fanfiction writer was the autor.
Second, the acting.
Third, the story. The girl is weak, the boy is strong. Everything is so stereotypical. In a VERY bad way... And... Well... SPARKLING "VAMPIRES"... They aren't even vampires. Glittering Fairy Princesses.

Perhaps. But not on every single picture. *smiles*

PS. I'm already dead.
PPS. こんにちは、夢!

I'm referring to... I don't really know. I thought about some brilliant actresses, such as Emma Watson, Audrey Hepburn (Even though she's dead), Helena Bonham-Carter, Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham-Carter again.

I'm sorry but I don't know who Jayma Mays is...
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